Through the years, I have been asked many times if I had any information on Sno-Pony Snowmobiles by snowmobile enthusiasts, and collectors, from all around the country. I worked at Sno-Pony from 1968 to 1972 as a design and test engineer. Winter is starting to set in, up here in Minnesota. So I am going to try to jog my memory the best I can, to share what I know about the company’s history, and my personal experiences I had while working at the Couparral Company. I guess I am what you would call a pack rat. I don’t like to throw things away. So I saved a lot of pictures and brochures while I was there. My plans are to produce a DVD on the history of Sno-Pony and sell it on the internet. If you are a history buff and are interested in Sno-Pony I am sure that all the information on the DVD will be very enjoyable for snowmobile history buffs.

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