Land Speed Rockets


Funny Cars


The era is gone forever, fortunately the motorcycles remain.


These babies really go in the snow!

Whatcha Ma Call Its

What-cha-ma-call-its, Doo-hickies and Thing-a-ma-bobs… Toys for big kids

XTREME Rocket Motors & Hardware

Over the years, I’ve collected an overwhelming display of military rockets, rocket motors and aviation hardware. I will continue to add new and unusual components as I come across them.

I have harvested these items from scrapyards all over the US and abroad. Some of the items are beyond my ability to identify their exact origin or use. I’m looking for your help in uncovering the mystery behind these fascinating mechanisms.

On this page, you will find my latest items labled with their proper name or category. If you see an item listed as “UK??” this stands for UNKNOWN and I’m looking for your help in labeling that item.

Please send me an email with your comments on the unknown items and I will credit you with the label under the photo.

I will add new items as I get them,  Thanks for your help.

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